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Get exactly what you need, at a lower cost than you’d expect by letting us design and build your PC

Custom Built PC

When you decide its time for a new computer we can custom build your next PC. The advantages for you having a custom built PC are:
  • Tailored – Built to your exact requirements so that your new PC will do everything you need while allowing plenty of room for future expansion. We carefully match each part within your new PC to get the most out of it.
  • Lower Cost – Our prices are less than all other well-know brands including dell, HP, etc.
  • Faster – We don’t put junk software on your PC (such as trial software etc) which slows down your PC.
  • Useful – We’ll provide you with all the software you need such as Office and suggest free options based on your requirements.
  • Secure – Your new PC will be totally secure as we ensure all updates are done, anti-virus and anti-spyware will be installed and configured for you. What’s more is that our security software has free updates for life.
  • Support – You’ll get 12 months warranty on your new PC for total peace of mind. In addition you’ll also get 1 week free remote assistance no matter what the problem, which will allow you to settle in with your new PC.