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Keep your computer working at its best with an annual

PC Service

Our most comprehensive service for your computer or laptop. The annual pc service will restore your computer inside and out to return it to the fastest possible speed.

We will also preform an internal clean to remove the dust build up which is one of the main causes of failure by shorting the electronics or by reducing the effectiveness of the cooling fans which will allow the computer to over-heat.

What we’ll do:

  • Firstly Backup your files
  • An internal inspection (e.g. check cabling is secure)
  • Internal and external clean to remove buildup of dust / finger prints on screens etc.
  • Re-apply thermal compound to heat-sinks
  • Test all major components i.e. SSD/HDD Drives, CPU, and RAM
  • Check error logs for problems
  • Update the OS (Windows / MacOS etc)

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